Westcott Funeral Home

Cremation Options

Dignified cremation options to meet the personalized desires of families.

Westcott Funeral Home provides dignified cremation options to meet the personalized desires of families. Though not a complete list of the cremation services the following are several options available:

  • A rental casket that allows the presence of the deceased to be at the service without the cost of an expensive casket.
  • Memorial boards that will allow you to create a collage of pictures, poems and mementos to be displayed at the service.
  • A large library of music available for loan.
  • Personalized Guest books and folders with family photos on the cover.
  • Over 30 urns on display.

Chapel Service - For any type of Memorial Service or Memorial Gathering. Piano, organ or prerecorded music system available.

Church Service - A church Memorial Celebration can be personalized with special family photographs and memorabilia.

Graveside Service - A gathering as cremated remains are interred is one of several options.

Memorial Service - Memorial Registry Books, Memorial Service folders and Flag cases can personalize the service or ceremony of your loved one.

Traditional Services Prior to Cremation

Full services of funeral director & staff, embalming, prior day visitation, Chapel or church service, funeral coach, cremation fees, guest book & memorial folders.
w/Rental casket

Traditional Service (without embalming)

Full services of funeral director & staff. Chapel or church service. No embalming, casket always closed by funeral home policy; cremation fees, guest book & folders.
w/Rental casket

Chapel Memorial Service

Chapel service (no casket present), staff & all equipment, cremation fees, guest book & memorial folders.
w/"Remembrance Room" (for small gatherings)
Maximum of 25 people. Guest book and memorial folders NOT included.

Private Visitation (no service)

If only PRIVATE visitation is desired, use of facilities for formal, open casket viewing (embalming not required). Guest book and memorial folders NOT included.

Basic Cremation (no service)

Cremation without viewing or services involving funeral home. (Add County Medical Examiners fee to any cremation preference fee)

Cremation Caskets

  • Winfield Black Cherry 
  • Oakland Solid Oak 
  • Levi Hardwood 
  • Longley Hardwood 
  • Rose or Blue Brocade 
  • Tabor Blue 
  • Taupe Faith Cloth 
  • Faith Canvas White 
  • Minimum flat lid cloth 
  • First Step Container 
  • Basic Cremation Container 

Urns available from $25 and up (plus tax)

Cremation Procedures

The Identification Process:

  • At the time of removal of the deceased, an ankle band with the name of the deceased, date of death and place of death is attached to the deceased and not removed
  • Each family is offered an opportunity to identify their loved one prior to the cremation process
  • Every casket has a name tag affixed. Cremation caskets and containers, prior to being transported to the crematory have a label affixed to the lid. This tag contains the name and all necessary information to the crematory
  • Attached to the paperwork delivered to the crematory, with each deceased, is a metal disk that is placed inside the cremation chamber and survives the cremation procedure. This disk is imprinted with a number that has been assigned to each deceased that will be cremated. Following the cremation procedure this disk is attached to the outside of the plastic pouch that holds in the cremated remains inside the urn or final container
Benefits of Pre-Planning
- Set funds aside while you're able.
- Record your wishes.
- Avoid family fights.
- Make that difficult day easier.


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